Properties of blueberry

Properties and caloric value of berry. Benefits of blueberry

General information

It takes a long time to talk about benefits of blueberry. The key of health properties consists in the content of berry. Blueberry contains a great amount of sugar, mineral salts and vitamins A, C, PP.  In terms of iron content, blueberry doesn’t take a leading position among berries, but the iron (which is the part of  blueberry) is assimilated in the body almost completely.

Scientists have proved the benefit of blueberry in protection of body against radioactive effects. This berry also eliminates toxins, salts of heavy metals from the body.

Blueberry has a benefit effect on the digestive tract in particular bowel and pancreas. The benefits of berry are widely known for the circulatory system. Blueberry stimulates strengthening the walls of the blood vessels, improve hematopoiesis process (process of hematopoiesis).

Blueberry has a positive effect on the nervous system as it contains magnesium which has a sedative effect. This berry helps in pancreatic diabetes treatment. Blueberry potentizes (improves work of) antihyperglycemic agents which lower glucose levels in the blood.

Fresh blueberry has a powerful antimicrobial properties. This blueberry can be used to prevent numerous infectious diseases for example, dysentery.

Scientists have proved that the juice of blueberry is the most useful among similar beverages. For its beneficial properties the juice of this berry is far superior to grape, apple and lemon juices.

The point is that blueberry is a good natural antioxidant therefore this berry has protective, regenerative and restorative effect on the body.

Lipolysis is one of the abilities of blueberry. It is useful information for people who want to lose the weight. This berry contains 39 calories in 100grams thus treat yourself with tasty vitamins of blueberry. This berry can be used in jam, mousse, liqueur and also as an ingredient for baked goods. Berries can be consumed fresh or frozen.


Period of blueberry berries ripening


Properties of blueberry

Interesting Blueberry Facts

Caloric value

Energy value of blueberry (Proportion of proteins, fats, carbohydrates – pfc) :

Proteins: 1 g. (~ 4 kcal)

Fats: 0.5 g. (~ 5 kcal)

Carbohydrates: 6.6 g (~ 26 kcal)

The energy ratio (p | f | c ): 10% | 12% | 68%


Vitamin PP (NE) (PP) - 0.4 mg

Vitamin E (TE) (E (TE)) - 1.4 mg

Vitamin C (C) - 20 mg

Vitamin B2 (B2) - 0.02 mg

Vitamin B1 (B1) - 0.01 mg

Vitamin PP (PP) - 0.3 mg


Iron (Fe) - 0.8 mg

Phosphorus (P) - 8 mg

Potassium (K) - 51 mg

Sodium (Na) - 6 mg

Magnesium (Mg) - 7 mg

Calcium (Ca) - 16 mg