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Refrigeration and storage complex

Our refrigeration and storage complex with an area of more than 1000 m2 was built in 2020, it is designed for the simultaneous cooling and storage of 70 tons of raw berry materials. The launch of modern refrigeration equipment allows us to fully adhere to the so-called "cold chain", which is the basis for maintaining the quality of berries. It last no longer than 30 minutes from the moment of picking berries and transporting them to the refrigerator. The complex consists of several chambers equipped with high-quality German equipment for rapid cooling of berries, storage, sorting and shipment of finished products as well as the possibility of constant remote control over the temperature and humidity in the storage chambers.

The high-tech sorting line of the latest generation "Berry Class 4" of the Spanish company Elifab allows to sort the harvested products as accurately and qualitatively as possible, as there are more than 36 quality indicators are taken into account in the process of checking berries. The high-class optical grading system Ellips Next Level Grading Technology has high accuracy in assessing the quality of berries. The accuracy of the classification of berries by color and size is 98% and the level of accuracy for the control of berry defects is 94%. It is possible to sort more than 800 kg of berries per hour on the installed equipment. The main feature of the equipment is that after sorting the berries remain intact, and most importantly, the bluish bloom inherent in blueberries is preserved.

Filling equipment

The filling equipment of the Spanish company MAT EXAKTA was installed together with the sorting line. This filling line makes it possible to quickly and accurately pack finished products in plastic packaging from 50 g to 1000 g, depending on the needs of the customer.

Labeling machine

The labeling machine allows you to quickly apply any labels to the finished product.

Complete traceability

Complete traceability is a feature of this production. The development of individual software and its integration into the previously introduced accounting system for the collection of berries makes it possible to track the process from the moment of their collection on the field, acceptance in the refrigeration complex, the movement of raw materials through the warehouse and technological processes, as well as the process of shipment to the customer.