We are standing on the verge of a berry revolution

The ability of individual components to influence on human health demonstrates the great potential of berries and takes the consumption of some of them to the leading positions in the world.

Nowadays the consumer gives preference to berries which are the most useful for  body.

First of all is the positive effect on the health!

Today blueberry is of great value.

The study of the market of berry crops notes the growing demand for fresh blueberry berries in many countries of the world on average ca. 6-7% per year compared to the growth of strawberries ca. 1-2% in the last decade.

Honeysuckle is a completely new but no less valuable berry.

The main task for us is to familiarize the consumer with these new, unique in their nutritional value of blueberry and honeysuckle.


New approaches to sorting blueberries!

Happy Easter!

Young plantings 'Last Call'

Planting  of 2-year-old blueberry seedlings

Happy Women Day!!!

Participation in the international trade fairy Fruit Logistica 2020

Fruit Logistica 2020 is the global trade fair

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